Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Media Manager v2.1 released

Media Manager v2.1 has been released. This is a major update that focuses on iTunes integration. Here is a list of the major changes:
  • Seen files can be ignored
  • Directories can be watched for new media, which is then moved to the correct media directory.
  • MP4 Files metadata now handled by fork of atomic parsley.
  • Much improved MP4/M4V metadata.
  • Support for High Def media.
  • New Store for notifying iTunes of media file changes via a remote server running on the iTunes box.
  • Improved windows support.
  • Improved TV Show/Film searching.
  • Fixed issues with launch scripts.
  • Debian/Ubuntu install packages.
This has been quite a while coming, but it's finally here. Please use the project website to let me know of bugs or feature requests. Also if you find the application useful then let me know on my blog
I'm hoping that project releases will come quicker now with a smaller feature set. Currently work in in progress on the next release which will include a database store and a update to the XBMC scraper support.
The native tools that Media Manager uses have changed since the last release. It now uses media info and my Atomic Parsley fork. The new iTunes store also makes use of my remote itunes controller project.
To download the latest release please visit the project website. Their is a generic installer for most platforms and OpenSuSE/Debian/Ubuntu packages. Also you can find the latest OpenSuSE builds via my OpenSuSE source.
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