Monday, 14 May 2012

Initial Release of Atomic Parsley Shield Fork

A while back, I created a fork of atomic parsley so that I could use it in Media Manager. Atomic Parsley is used to display and edit metdata in a mp4 file. It was not quite up to the task of setting some of the new iTunes atoms, so I created a fork with the new features.

Well things have progressed pretty well and I've just uploaded the first release (Version 0.9.5) of my fork of atomic parsley. Here is a list of the features added in this release:
  • CMake Build scripts.
  • Option to output MP4 atoms as XML.
  • Added support for 1080p iTunes atoms (--hdvideo option also takes a number)
  • Added --flavor option for setting flvr atom.
  • Allow sort order fields to be set in the format of --sortOrder name=value 
  • Added missing sort albumn option
  • Added option for setting plID atom
I realise that lot's of applications use atomic parsley under the hood for handling mp4 file atoms, so I'm hoping that the --outputXML option will make reading the atom contents a lot easier. 

I also took the optunity to setup a private jenkins continuous integration build server. This builds on 4 different platforms every time their is a commit to the bitbucket build repository. When their is a successful build, it uploads them to the public area of my drop box account. The end result is I now have nightly builds if atomic parsley as well as stable builds. To see the links to the prebuilt binaries, visit the project website.

If anyone finds any issues or features they would like to see, please raise a issue on the project website.
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