Saturday, 5 April 2014

Order and chaos on the iPad

I mostly play games via steam now a days, which is usually on windows ( though I hope to use Linux for most of them on day). I have also played quite a few games on my iPad. Most of these have been simple games to pass the time. My favourite type of games are MMORPG's so I though I would give Order & Chaos a go.

This is probably one of the best MMORPG's I have played on the iPad, they only other been pocket legends. Order & Chaos is pretty good. The controls are not to bad, work pretty well considering their is no mouse. The game has quite few features like RIFT and WOW.  I took part in a dungeon run. Itis also free to play once you have bought it

On the down side the graphics are a little basic. Also their seems to be a lack of animations. For example the charge skills has you just appear next to the thing you are attacking.

I will carry on playing because of the convenience of having it on he iPad, however I hope these kind of games carry on to evolve on iOS with I proved graphics.