Friday, 11 May 2012

Initial release of itunes-remote-control-server

I've just published the inital release of my project itunes-remote-control-server. This is a project to make it possible to control iTunes on a headless server without a GUI. It provides a TCP server which can be connected to locally or remote by other applications to control iTunes. Alternatively it also provides command line commands for controlling iTunes.

Currently the server and scripts are able to perform these tasks:
  • Add new tracks/videos to iTunes Library.
  • Remove tracks/videos from iTunes Library.
  • Tell iTunes that the metadata needs to be refreshed from a file of the track/video.
  • List tracks that have missing files (dead tracks).
  • Remove tracks that have missing files (dead tracks).
  • Display information about tracks/videos in the iTunes library.
These operations can be performed by command line scripts, but also by using a TCP server. The next release of MediaManager will use the server to keep iTunes in sync with managed media libraries. In fact I've been running the latest svn version of MediaManager using the control server for a little while now. Seems to be working very well.

The server will work on windows or Mac OS X as long as the requirements are installed.
  • iTunes (latest)
  • Mac OSX or Windows
  • Mac Ruby ( On Mac OSX)
  • Ruby Gems: escape, sqlite3
See the install guides on the wiki for details on how to install it. If you find any issues, then let me know my the issue part of the website.

I'm hoping that work can start on the next version now. Currently have ideas for some features such as:
  • Different database backends
  • Play, pause, skip tracks etc...
  • Create a GUI to control iTunes remotely.
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