Monday, 24 March 2014

Playing RIFT again

I've been playing on RIFT again most nights over the last week. It's been good to be back playing! I think RIFT is a great game, it has an amazing amount of things a player can do and even better it's now free to play.

I used to pay a monthly fee to play rift, but now it's supported by optional in game purshases. This is great. It's also available from steam. I like this because all my games come from one  place. Just makes things easier.

Playing RIFT, I remember how fun it is, and how much their us to keep you entertained. It still suffers from the reason I stopped playing, which is a lack of other players. It is not as bad as it was, I guess been free more people are playing. I would also guess though that people don't commit as much time as when they were paying monthly.

Their is much todo in rift like dungeons, adventures, chronicles, raids, war zones, crafting, fishing and much more. Their are also rifts though out the land that keep things going.

People looking to pass the time should play RIFT, no excuse not to now that it's free! Just needs more players which is a shame.

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