Tuesday, 1 March 2011

MediaInfoFetcher version 2.0 progress so far....

It's been a little while since I posted any kind of update on the my open source project MediaInfoFetcher. For those not familiar with the project. MediaInfoFetcher is a application and a API which can be used to retrieve TV show and movie meta data from Internet sources. This information is then stored locally and can be used to rename media files with the correct title.

Version 1.0 was released sometime ago now, with several updates since then. However it was always had problems keeping up with the web sites that it scraped for information. So I've been working on version 2.0 for a little while now and it's making good progress. A lot of things will change in the next version which will help to keep it up today and always working in between releases.
Some of the features to look forward to:
  • Added a source that uses XBMC media player scrapers.
  • Checks for and downloads updates of XBMC scrappers.
  • Removed the old XMLStore and replaced it with a new one that stores all media files in a single XML file.
  • Removed some of the source which were always broken. Now using the XBMC source instead.
  • Much better searching of media data (films and tv).
  • No longer uses Atomic Parsely to write .mp4 metadata. Uses a pure Java solotuion instead.
  • And much more to come....
Things are shaping up nicely, but it still has a way to go before it's release ready. I'm very pleased with it's ability to use XBMC scrapers. This means it can always obtain media information without having to worry about it going out of date. It also means their are many more sites that media data can be obtained from as their are quite a lot of different XBMC scrapers.

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