Sunday, 20 September 2009

PS3, PSP and remote play

I got a present of a PSP from my wife when ew got married and so far I've been very impressed with this little gaming device. The best game I have for it Burnout dominator, this is well worth a play and quite addictive.

The PSP is great when traveling, I was quite surprised how long the battery life lasted, and the games I have for it are very impressive. One of the first consoles I had was a Sega Game Gear (still got it somewhere). The PSP remainds me a lot of this console, but really shows how far things have come since then.

I'm finding that the PSP is great for those times when I want to game, but the TV is in use so the PS3 can't be used. This let me to wonder about the remote play abilities of the PSP. I'd not heard many people mention it so figured I'd give it ago. Basicly the remote play allows the PSP to connect to a PS3. The PS3 screen appears on the PSP and allows it to be controlled from the PSP. This is pretty neat, but so far I've not actually been able to find a use for it. This is because very few titles work with remote play on the PSP. None of the games I own work with remote play. I might buy one at somepoint to give it a test drive. Also non of the DVD's work over remote play. This is a real shame.

So far I've been using remote play to install PS3 updates, thats about the only use for it that works. I'd love to hear from others that have used remote play. It seems such a neat feature thats almost impossible to make any use of. Same more games don't support it. Might also have been interesting if Sony had given the PSP the ability to work as a wirless controller for the PS3.
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