Monday, 22 June 2009


So I've now joined the masses and go one of the new iPhone 3Gs's. I had a sony ericsson before that was looking kinda battered, so I was indeed of a new phone and be a gadget lover I though I'd go the the new iPhone. I want a phone that allows be to surf the web (the real web, not wap!) and check my mail, plus be good for games.

I the iPhone has lived upto my expectations, it's a great phone. I don't think i could go back to not having one now. I don't ever plan to stuf the wap web again, thats for sure. The app store is fantastic. Their is a decent about of free apps to and the ones that need to be paid for, are a lot cheaper than the games I used to buy on my old phone.

The web works really well, it's pretty much like I'm using a small computer to surf the web, the email works really well to, though it might be a curse been able to check work email anywhere. Having said that, email account can be turned on and off.

I've only had it a couple of days so far, but it's be pretty much all good so far. I think if I had to pick one negative thing about the phone, it would be imap email folders. Most of my mail is filtered by server side email filters, which mean they don't end up in my inbox, but go strait to the folders. The iPhone seems unable to check for new mail in any folder other than the inbox, which is quite annoying. You have to check each folder one by one. Love to know if their is a work around for this?
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