Sunday, 28 September 2008

Linux on a dell studio 15 laptop

So one of the reasons to start blogging was that I bough a new Laptop. It's a Dell Studio 15, which I bough to run linux. I though it would be a good idea to share my experience of getting things up and running on it. I know it will be problematic, so it will give people a chance to share their ideas and suggestions.

So what am I trying to achive? Well I'm going to be running OpenSUSE and KDE on it as these are the distro and desktop I perfer, but other than that heres some of the things I want to get working:

  • Remote control.
  • 2 external monitors (1 VGA and the other HDMI) with different resolutions.
  • Been able too swap between the connected monitors via a key on the keyboard.
  • Sound working.
  • Both head phone jacks working.
  • Wireless working.
  • Laptop keys able to be used.
  • Webcam and mic need to work with messengers (skype, kopete)

  • I'm sure there will be other stuff I need too, but that should take a while anyhow....
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